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Jade Windscreen: An Ancient Formula for Fortifying the Immune System

Imagine your body is protected by a beautiful, green screen that filters out invaders such as allergens and viruses. The 800 year old herbal formula Yu Ping Feng San does just that. Its name translates to Jade Windscreen Powder, and it has been used to boost the immune system for centuries. Dating back to the 13th century, Jade Windscreen is an herbal formula that, when taken during times of health, can strengthen the body's defensive capabilities against invading pathogens. It is comprised of roots and rhizomes such as astragalus, an herb used abundantly in both Eastern and Western medicine alike, to boost the immune system and prevent allergies.

But how does it work?

Inflammatory responses in the body are one of the key ways in which the immune system attacks an invader (such as pollen or influenza.) When the body detects an invasion, small proteins (called cytokines) are secreted within the immune cells to signal the appropriate response to disease or infection. These responses include both pro and anti inflammatory stimulation where appropriate for guiding immune cells. Studies have shown that the herbs within the Jade Windscreen formula have this same ability to both stimulate and suppress the release of these small proteins. Meaning that they have the ability to increase inflammation in order to bring more defensive cells to the site of infection (to promote faster healing) as well as the ability to reduce inflammation when it is no longer necessary to drive out a pathological invader. Our immune system participates in an improvised dance with our body's invaders. It knows when to attack and when to heal. It knows which cells to release and when to release them. However, sometimes our immune systems are not strong enough to fully succeed in overcoming the invader. This is where the Jade Windscreen comes in. It steps up to bolster the body's innate defenses. It stimulates the bi-directional (pro and anti inflammatory) immune response by regulating the release of the proteins which guide our immune responses.

So what can it be used for? 1. Take this formula a season ahead of the time you usually get symptoms. For example, if you typically have Spring allergies, start taking this formula at the start of Winter, or if you often get colds in the Winter, start taking it in the beginning of Autumn. 2. Take this formula if you know you're going to be around people who are sick. The sooner the better with this one! The longer you give your immune system a boost before being exposed to an illness, the better it will work. 3. Take this formula if you are travelling. It's always a good idea to bolster your immune system as much as possible when you are going to be in a new environment, around new people, or stuck on a plane, train, or bus. 4. Take this formula if you think your immune system is weak. If you are feel run-down, tired, stressed, or aren't getting enough sleep, this often goes hand in hand with a tired and run-down immune system. And is the perfect time to give it a boost with an ancient herbal remedy. Please note: This formula is intended to boost your immune system before you have symptoms. It is not a cure for a pre-existing illness, and should not be taken if you are actively sick. It is a wonderful method for supporting your immune system for the prevention of viruses and allergies, but there are other great formulas out there that should be taken during active symptoms of a cold or flu. Be well.


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