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Inner Pass, Outer Pass

An acupuncture point on the Pericardium channel known as PC6 (or Nei Guan “Inner Pass”) and a point on the Triple Warmer channel known as TW5 (or Wai Guan “Outer Pass”) work together to perform many crucial roles within our bodies. They each function as a pass, or gateway, into the body where they influence both physiological functions as well as mental/ emotional stability and health. Respectively, they govern the paths leading inward (esophagus, stomach, and trachea) and the more superficial entry ways to the body (nose, ears, and pores.)

Moreover, being points on the Pericardium (or Heart Protector) and Triple Warmer channels, they also govern and regulate our boundaries:

The Pericardium helps us demarcate our inner boundaries. This may often be seen in the boundaries we place between our social identity and our inner, private being. This is the self that only we ourselves, or those closest to us may see.

The Triple Warmer also serves us by helping to form boundaries. This boundary has a greater defensive function, and may be used to protect against physical attacks (Wai Guan is a key point for treating the common cold and flu) as well as emotional ones. It brings our inner awareness to the surface and allows us to connect with others. It may act as both a shield and a conduit for interacting with things outside of our personal space.

By treating these two powerful points, we may affect many crucial aspects of ones health. By using these small, built in passes to the body, we may find balance.

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