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Zen Shiatsu

Within Chinese medicine, it's believed that there are meridians of energy that run throughout our entire body that help with all physiological and emotional functions. Along these meridians, or channels, are pockets where more physiological influence pools.

Sometimes these points get either overfilled, or under-filled, like puddles of energy throughout your body. By pressing along these channels, one can help to re-balance these areas of excess and deficiency.

In my shiatsu practice, I often do a combination of working with the physical body (much like your typical massage) and working with the energetic body.

There will be a lot of hands on acupressure work, as well as some off-the-body stimulation designed to bring you back to center, to reconnect you with that quiet part of yourself that is too often drowned out by the chatter of the mind. It returns a sense of spaciousness to the physical body, calms the nervous system and gives you access to your greater energy body.

I frequently incorporate aspects of Zen Shiatsu into my acupuncture treatments, depending on each patient's needs for treatment that day. I do not choose to treat each patient with shiatsu, but rather assess the right modalities of treatment for that individual, and treat accordingly.

Physically from a Zen Shiatsu treatment you can expect acupressure-like work over your whole body: legs, torso, arms, neck, head. With some moments of stillness while I work off-the-body in your auric field. Zen Shiatsu is one of my favorite adjunctive therapies that I offer to my patients to supplement their acupuncture treatments.

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